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"3-D Fasteners Plus"
distributor of pneumatic staplers and nailers and supplies.

"Ab Sonnergrens Verkstader"

manufacturer of washers, braces, brackets, strips, and shims.


abrasives and tools, special construction fasteners, and home sanding and cleaning supplies

"Above Board Electronics"

distributes Pem style Captive fasteners and electronic components such as PC terminals, pins, spacers, standoffs and the Briv and Chobert speed riveting system.

"Acclaim Fasteners & Turned Parts"

specialist supplier of standard industrial fasteners.


Pneumatic, nailers, staplers and fasteners for woodworkers, do-it-yourselfers and light-duty contractors

"ACF Components & Fasteners, Inc."

nationwide distributor of specialty fasteners and electronic hardware. Quality assurance program in compliance with MIL-I-45208A.

"Advanced Fastener Corporation"

distributor of industrial fasteners.


hardware usefull in the wood working

"Aircraft Fasteners"

stocking distributor specializing in locknuts and threaded inserts for aerospace, electronics and military.

"Al Rashed Fasteners and Engineering Fabrication Services"

maker of nuts, bolts, screws, and anchors.

"Alloy & Stainless Fasteners"

supplier of hex bolts, nuts, threaded rods, studs, and specials in a wide variety of materials.

"Alloy Fasteners, Inc."

US manufacturer, worldwide importer, and fully stocking distributor of stainless steel fasteners.

"Allscrews Limited"

British exporter of all types of industrial fasteners to all countries in the world.

"Allstar Fasteners"

manufacturer of screws and fasteners.

"Amanda Bent Bolt Company"

custom made bolts, fasteners, linkages and many other cold formed wire products.

"American Fasteners, Inc."

nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and more.

"Anchor Bolt & Screw Co."

manufacturer of quality cold headed fasteners and related products.

"Anchor Industrial Supply Inc."

specializes in supplying fully threaded studs to the fastener distribution trade.

"Andrews Fasteners Ltd"

supplying bolting in a variety of materials.


manufacturing industrial fasteners for all types of light and heavy construction projects.

"Annibale Gruppo"

screws manufacturing

"Archer Screw Products"

manufacturer of standard and special fasteners.

"Arnold Industries, Inc."

supplier of electronic hardware, fasteners and mechanical components to a variety of industries.

"Arrow Supply Company Ltd."

specialists in industrial fasteners and engineering supplies.

"Asfah Group"

ASFAH Trade Corp. Sdn. Bhd. is a growing pallet maker and wood supplier in Malaysia.

"ATF, Inc."

specialises in the manufacturing of threaded fasteners.

"Atlantic Bolt & Mfg. Co."

manufacturer of standard and made-to-order fasteners.

"Atlantic Fasteners"

an ISO 9002 certified industrial fastener distributor offering nuts, bolts, screws and other fasteners from stock.

"Avery Knight & Bowlers Engineering, Ltd."

suppliers of fixings, fasteners, tools and materials to individuals and companies in the construction, engineering and stonemasonry industries - wholesale, retail and trade.

"Avibank Mfg., Inc."

manufacturers of marine stainless steel quick-releasing pins and other fasteners and multi-component fastening systems and devices.

"B&B Threaded Components"

distributor of hardware and fasteners.

"Ball Screws and Actuators Co., Inc. (BSA)"

manufacturer of acme, ball, and lead screws as well as a variety of linear motion products including stock stages and linear actuators.

"Barnhill Bolt Co., Inc"

Full line fastener distributor home page with list of products, spec. sheets & order form.

"Bartlett Products Co., Inc."

distributors of a wide variety of fasteners.

"Benchmark Fasteners, Inc."

source for fasteners, nuts, bolts, and any type of hardware.


is considered today one of the leading companies in a highly speciliazed field like the wholesale distribution of nuts and bolts


We offer an extensive range of nuts, bolts, screws and security fasteners to client's worldwide.


Our philosophy: kindness, quality, efficiency, timeliness and competitivenes

"Best Hardware Inc."

Cabinet hardware supplier offering drawer slides, cabinet locks and hinges.

"Birmingham Fastener"

supplier of bolts, nuts, and specialized fasteners.

"Blue Ribbon Fastener"

supplier of standard and special fasteners including nuts, bolts, screws, and washers.

"Bolt Warehouse"

specializing in socket products and other special fasteners, in a range of lengths and materials.

"Bolts 4 U"

fastener distributor offering nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and specials in low carbon, alloy, stainless, and exotic materials.

"Bontempi Vibo"

Bontempi Vibo strengths

"Bosch EHS bv"

solutions in the field of hinges and screws.

"Bossard International"

provides metric fastening solutions and technical support.

"Boulons de l'Estrie"

leader in supplying bolts,screws and anchors to all manufacturing companies

"Brikksen - Dallas, TX"

distributer of stainless steel fasteners.

"Bristol Industries"

fastener manufacturer.

"Britestyle Products, Ltd."

offering concrete anchors, drywall fasteners, and more.

"Bulloneria Emiliana"

La Bulloneria Emiliana S.r.l., founded in 1971, is a leading wholesaler of bolts, screws and general metal detail market

"Camcar Textron"

manufactures fastening and assembly products.

"Captive Fasteners Corporation"

manufacture quality self-clinching fasteners for a variety of industrial and electronics equipment produced by major OEM''s

"Carmet snc"

manufacturing bolts, screws and fasteners

"Carver Industrial Products"

full-line stocking disributor of specialty fasteners.

"Case Ware"

Parts supplier specializing in equipment case hardware, jacks, plugs, connectors, casters, latches, handles, hinges, clamps, corners, fasteners, components and accessories.

"Century Fasteners Corporation"

distributor of fastener and non-fastener components. Commercial, industrial and military.

"Chair City Supply Co., Inc."

distributor of fasteners used in the manufacture of furniture frames, upholstery, cabinets, and casegoods.

"Chesapeake Marine Fasteners"

distributor of standard and special fasteners in stainless steel, silicon bronze, brass, aluminum steel and galvanized.

"Clarcorp Industrial Sales"

complete stocking distributor of fasteners, cutting tools, electrical and custom-made parts.

"Clark Craft Fasteners"

selling bolts, nuts, washers, and more.

"Cold Forging"

Special bolts to drawing

"Coldheaders, Inc."

manufacturers and distributors of socket screws and their related products.

"Columbia Nut and Bolt"

specializes in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous fastener products.

"Compass International, Inc."

construction of fasteners and screws.

"Consolidated Specialty Corp"

offers custom made anchorbolts, structural steel fabrication, and flame cutting.

"Craft Inc."

manufacturer of self-fastening hardware.

"Crescent Manufacturing Inc."

manufacturer of fasteners including MS, AN and NAS MIL Specs, specials and standards.

"Daro Factors"

distributors of fittings and hardware for furniture.

"Deerwood Fasteners International, Inc."

distributor of a full line of wood fasteners for the kitchen cabinet and furniture industries.

"Die Co., Inc."

manufacturers of high quality spring steel fasteners, metal stampings, nut retainers, clips, and clamps.

"Doidge Fastenings Ltd"

the London Rivet Centre.

"Duncan Bolt Company"

distributes Rawl concrete and adhesive anchors.

"Duo-Fast Corporation"

manufacturer of nailers, staplers, and fasteners.


brings together fastener buyers and sellers

"Earnest Machine Products, Co."

distributor of commercial fastener products. Our in-house lab enables us to certify our products before we ship them. So you can be sure of shipments that are truly JIT-WIT (Just in time without incoming testing).

"East Coast Metals, Inc."

manufacturer of industrial and commercial fasteners in steel and stainless steel.

"Engineered Fastener Company"

master distributor of speciality component parts.

"Eskay Screw Corp."

manufacturer of fasteners.

"Fall River Manufacturing Co, Inc."

manufacturer of fasteners, bolts, nuts, and screws.


supplier for industrial fasteners and speciality hardware items.


Distributor of Velcro brand products. Retail and wholesaler of hook and loop products. Large inventory of wide loop, heavy duty, straps, and wrap-around Velcro


features fasteners, velcro brand straps, and more.

"Fastener Group, The"

sells products (bolts, washers, etc.) and order processing services.

"Fastener Inventories"

brokerage locates automotive, construction, industrial, manufacturing, and marine fasteners.

"Fastener Market"

online marketplace for fastener buyers and vendors: bolts, nuts, washers, screws, threaded rods, and pins.

"Fastener Supply Company"

wholesale distributor of fasteners, grommets, eyelets, snaps, attaching machines and tools for the apparel, canvas, leather and marine industries.

"Fastener Web"

directory of fastener companies, inventory, and more.

"Fastening Dynamics"

distributor of stainless steel and non corrosive fasteners.

"Fastening Specialists Inc."

full-line wholesale fastener distributor.

"Fastron Co."

manufacturer of custom fasteners.

"Flite Technology"

manufacturer of feed screws and barrels.

"Fortune Industries"

fasteners, inserts, nuts, bolts, screws, and rivits for the aerospace, defense, and electronics industries..

"Freundlich Supply Company"

offers fasteners and self-locking nuts.

"General Builders Supply"

manufactures and supplies custom wood doors, mouldings, stairparts, and hardware.

"Glu-Lam-Log, Inc."

manufacturer of laminated and traditional milled logs, and matching siding and milled wood products.<li>

"Gould Fasteners Limited"

authorized distributor for fastener products.

"Hanscom, Inc."

offering twist ties, fasteners, coiling and tying machines, and more.

"Harrison & Bonini"

fastening hardware.

"Hayes Bolt & Supply"

stocking full line of industrial fasteners, marine hardware, and electronic hardware.

"HDR Tools"

Distributor of quality woodworking tools featuring router bits, saws, and chisels

"Hi-Tech Fasteners, Inc."

distributor for fastener, hardware, and component lines specified by the electronics, telecommunication, medical and defence industries.


fasteners, diamond cutters, sealents and drills.

"Incronisa, SL"

manufacturer of hanger hooks, cotter pins, anchors, and curtain hooks.

"Index Fasteners Company"

stocking distributor of AEC, DOT, Palnut, Stimpson, and TRW fasteners.

"Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co"

distributor, manufacturer and importer of commercial fasteners including rivets, screws, bolts, nuts and cold-headed specials.

"Industry Trade Systems"

links buyers and suppliers by allowing them to buy and sell industrial fasteners online.

"Inox Point"

Inox Point is the leading name in stainless steel products.

"International Fasteners, Inc."

supplies self-drilling, drywall, and sheet metal screws in a variety of materials and finishes.

"Isaac Lord Limited"

distributors of fittings and hardware for furniture, tools and DIY.


Thanks associates's thirty year experience in stainless steel fasteners field, the company has grown not only in italy but even and mainly on all foreign markets.

"K & K Fasteners, Inc."

metric or standard.

"K & L Sales, Inc."

supplier of speciality fasteners, threaded inserts, blind rivets, structural fasteners, cable ties and proprietary lines.

"K International Inc."

distributor of an infinite variety of fastener related products in all metals, nylon, and point of purchase products.

"K&L Fasteners"

commercial hardware and fasteners for industry.

"Kanebridge Corporation"

distributor of commercial grade fasteners including screws, nuts, bolts and thousands of catalog items.

"Kebrell Nuts and Bolts Ltd"

manufacture and distribute industrial fasteners in the UK.

"Keen Fastening Systems, Inc."

manufacturing fasteners for all markets including appliance, automotive, distribution, plumbing and heating, electrical, and speciality OEM markets.

"Kentec, Inc."

distributor of industrial fastening equipment.

"Kerk Motion Products, Inc."

manufacturer of anti-backlash lead screw assemblies and linear motion control components.

"Kito Fasteners"

exporters and manufacturers of fastners.

"L.A. Fasteners"

supplier of industrial and transportational products: fasteners, bolts, rivets, and tools

"Lake Erie Screw Corporation"

Lake Erie Screw is committed to meeting QUALITY and SERVICE requirements beyond the scope of other suppliers

"Laube Technology"

supplier, mfg. and distributor of fasteners, nuts, bolts, keypads, keyboards, front panels, etc.

"Lead Screws International, Inc"

design, manufacture and repair ball screw assemblies of all types.

"Liepajas Metalurgs"

produce nails, reinforcement bars, and rolled metals.

"Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation"

Long-Lok is the Engineered Fastener Company that makes self-locking fasteners and self-sealing fasteners specified by the best engineers world wide

"M&W Fastener Co., Ltd."

manufactures self tapping, drilling, wood, floor board, taptite, and machine screws.

"McFeely's Square Drive Screws"

offering woodworking supplies, square drive screws and other fasteners.

"Metric Blue Product Group"

supplier of metric fasteners, hand tools, cutting tools, and storage systems that feature a high performance blue identification coating

"Micro Fasteners"

miniature fasteners for hobby, industry and electronic applications. Complete online ordering of screws, nuts, washers and fully printable catalogue.

"NCC Oy Kiinnitystekniikka"

import agency and wholesale for fasteners such as screws, bolts and blind rivets.


manufacturer and exporter of fasteners.

"Nicor Products, Inc"

supplying the construction industry with pnuematic tools and fasteners.

"NMC Group, Inc"

specialising in custom injection molding for all major industries - automotive, aerospace, medical, electronic, and consumer products. Also offers product lines in fasteners and closures.

"Nook Industries"

manufactures linear motion products including ball screws, lead screws, acme screws, and screw jacks.

"North East Fasteners Corporation"

manufacture of small and miniature fasteners, specialising in the electronics and small components industries.

"Northern States Supply, Inc."

distributor of nuts, bolts, fasteners and tools.


distributor of genuine Duo-Fast tools, staples, nails, and adhesives.

"Nylok Fastener Corporation"

makers of high technology nylon fasteners.

"OEM Manufacturing and Sales"

manufacturer of custom metal components, fasteners, inserts and metal stampings.

"Officine Francia"

mannufacturing bolts

"Ohio Nut and Bolt Company"

manufactures resistance weld fasteners, levelers, and adjusting screws.

"Osmose, Inc."

offers utility pole inspection, treatment and, restoration. Also produces pressure-treated wood products.

"Pacific Fasteners"

large inventory of corrosion resistant fasteners, all alloys, sizes and service.

"Pacific Fasteners, Inc."

distributor of screws, bolts, nuts, washers and special fasteners. Manufactures metal lock nuts.


Manufactures latches, hinges, and turn fasteners.


We are a premier provider of quality products and costumer services for constraction and industrial applications.


distributes and designs: handles, locks, Pem style captive screws and fasteners, and more.

"Pin-Tech Products"

offers a line of speciality pins, studs, and threaded insert fasteners.

"Pinco International Corporation"

manufacturer and distributor of SEMS, special fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, and washers.

"Porta-Nails, Inc."

manufacturer of portable nailers for wood flooring installation. Also makes woodworking tools.

"Powernail, Co."

manufactures Powernail machines and nails for tongue and groove hardwood flooring installation.


manufacturer of hardwood flooring cleats, brad nails, and manual/pneumatic nailers.


offers covers, caps, and buttons to hide the heads of screws, bolts, rivets, and nails.

"Production Fasteners, Inc."

distributor of fasteners and door lock hardware.

"PSM International"

manufacturer and distributor of specialised fasteners and joining systems.

"Quality Bolt & Screw"

fastener distributor stocking nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and specials in low carbon, alloy, stainless and exotic materials.

"Quality Screw & Nut"

corporate and manufacturing headquarters.

"Quik Drive Fastening Systems"

Automatic fed screw system of professional builders, contractors, remodelers and the serious D-I-Yers.

"R. J. Leahy Company"

sheet metal screws, solid and blind rivets, and a variety of specialised fasteners.

"R.B. Industries, Inc."

worldwide manufacturer and distributor or all types of industrial fasteners.  Online product catalog and online order quote system.

"Rand Lumber Co."

Full-service sawmill and lumberyard for all your building needs.


patented high strength polymer composite fasteners (completely non-metal) for pneumatic nailers, pneumatic and manual staplers.

"Reisser Schraubentechnik GmbH"

manufactures steel, brass, and plastic screws. In English and German.

"Remco Bolts"

manufactures foundation anchor bolts and threaded rods. Also sells other fasteners, adhesives, tools, and chemicals.

"Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc."

Taptite fastener technology; self tapping Trilobular thread rolling screws and bolts that lower in-place fastening costs in high production assembly.

"Revcar Fasteners"

authorized master distributor for all fastener types.

"Reynolds Fasteners"

importer and domestic distributor of industrial and construction fasteners.

"Rodex Fasteners Corp."

stainless steel wire and screws, aeronautic parts, and more.

"RTM srl"

mechanical trinkets manufacturing.

"Rumco, Inc"

cold heading manufacturer of special as well as standard fasteners.

"Saima Corp"

producer of tamper resistant fasteners.


Sappino Srl produces a vast assortment of assembly components

"Screws Unlimited, Inc."

distribution of commercial, industrial, and military fasteners.

"Sealtite Building Fasteners"

manufacturers and distributors of residential and metal building fasteners.

"Serco-Ryan Ltd"

suppliers of industrial fasteners in all materials, standards and specials.

"Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd."

manufactures self drilling screws and screws for drywall, decking, roofing and masonry, chipboard, tapping, and more.


designs and manufactures fasteners with a strong focus on the aerospace industry.

"Simpson Strong-Tie"

metal connectors for the timber construction industry. Site includes products, specifications and software.

"Sisson Log Homes"

manufacturer of log home products.


designs and manufactures latches, hinges, captive fasteners, access hardware, and more.

"Spiralock Corporation"

manufacturers asymetrical internal locking thread form. suppliers of standard thread forming and cutting tools and fasteners.

"Stainless Fasteners Dot Com"

stainless steel nails, screws, bolts, and staples. Also offers hand-drives and collated for decking, framing, finishing, and more.

"Stainless Steel Fasteners Ltd"

extensive range of non-standard fasteners including bolts, nuts, studbolts and washers. specialising in stainless steels and nickel alloys.

"Star Anchors and Fasteners"

manufacturer of anchors and speciality fasteners for professional and industrial end-users.

"Steeves Agencies Inc"

representatives and distributors for access hardware and hinges serving Western Canada.

"Struct-Fast, Inc."

fastening systems for grating and floor plate.

"Suburban Bolt and Supply"

metric and standard fasteners in steel, alloy, stainless and brass. Specialising in cross-drilled and metric drilled fasteners.

"Swan Secure Products"

manufactures and distributes stainless steel and non-ferrous nails and screws

"Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute"

manufacturers and suppliers database.

"Taney Corporation"

manufactures curved, straight, and spiral stairs and parts.

"Tapco Inc."

manufacturer of elevator buckets with styles available for agricultural and industrial applications. Complete line of fasteners and other material handling items available.

"Tech Fasteners"

specialising in small diameter stainless steel screws and special screw machine parts.

"Texas Screw Products Company"

fastener distributor specialising in supplying fasteners manufactured to drawings and bills of material, in any material.

"TFP Corporation"

manufactures common weld studs, fasteners and special metal parts.

"Threadall Manufacturing Company"

Companies throughout North America rely on Threadall for customized threading, bending, and concrete forming hardware and accessories.


Screw Thread Inserts American & Metric sizes

"Tower Manufacturing"

specialises in the manufacture and sale of small fixings and fastenings in high volumes

"TR Fastenings Ltd"

manufacturers and distributors of threaded fasteners, rivets and adhesives.

"Transwest, Inc"

power tools and fasteners.

"Twofish Unlimited"

makers of speciality fasteners for bicycle accessories, marine accessories, and industrial uses.


But METRIC BLUE® is more than an assortment of fasteners. It's a system developed to help you meet the standards outlined in the Fastener Quality Act

"Unisteel Industrial Limited"

manufacturers of precision fasterners and screws, primarily for the electronics industry.

"United Screw of America Corp."

distributors of fasteners, bolts, nuts, wahsers, and speciality fasteners.

"United Steel Products Company, Inc. (USP)"

manufacturers of joist hangers, framing hardware and connectors for engineered lumber, plated truss, glulam, high wind resistance, earthquake resistance and more.

"W.H. Maze Company"

distributor of roofing, siding, and decking and trim nails.

"W.M. Heitgras"

manufacture and distribute bolts, nuts, studs, screws, bolt gauges, washers and flanges.

"Walsh Supply Inc"

Nationwide distributor of INFASCO products and other quality fasteners.

"Waynetel Industrial Co., Ltd."

specialist of industrial fasteners.

"Western Association of Fastener Distributors (WAFD)"

represents the fastener trade in the western United States and Canada with news, events, and contacts.

"Western States Supply Company"

cable ties, tag attaching tools, and fasteners.

"WestGate Supply"

wholesale supplier of loose and collated nails, screws, brads, staples, and fasteners.


The Würth Group offers more than 50,000 products in the field of fasteners and assembly technology.

"Your Choice Co. Ltd."

manufacturer of self drilling screws.

"Yow Chern Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of chipboard, nail, tapping, and self drilling screws

"Zago''s Self-Sealing Fasteners"

Zago manufacturing its full line of self sealing screws and bolts

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