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"Abatron, Inc."
adhesives, sealants, coatings, chemical specialties; epoxy, polyurethane, and other resins.

"ADCO, Inc"

source for hot melt gluesticks for the crafting business.

"Adheco, Ltd."

distributor of abrasives, adhesives, tapes & industrial specialty products.

"Adhere Distributors"

distributors of industrial adhesive and tape products.

"Adhesive Tech Center"

let the Glu Guru guide you through this online adhesives centre.

"Adhesives and Sealants.com"

adhesives and sealants technology for professionals in the speciality chemical industry.

"AdhesivesMart, Inc."

offers a database of commercially available adhesive, sealant, and tape products.

"Advanced Adhesive Technology, Inc."

manufactures glues and adhesives for tile, wood, carpet, and boats.

"ALC srl"

Adhesives Line Chemicals

"American Chemical, Inc."

manufacturers of glue: hot melts, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, urethanes, silicones, water-based, spray adhesives. Also degreasers and lubricants.

"American Finish And Chemical Company"

Manufacturers of environmentally responsible adhesives and coatings

"Astor Corporation"

developer, producer and marketer of specialty waxes, adhesives and sealants.

"Ato Findley"

manufacturer of industrial adhesives.

"Beardow & Adams"

develops and manufactures hot melt adhesives for a variety of uses including bookbinding, labelling, packaging, and product assembly.

"Bemis Associates Inc."

manufactures heat seal film adhesives.


manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, laminates, lubricants, and specialty products for the construction and automotive industries.

"Bow Tape Co"

manufacturer of coated tape and other adhesive products.

"Cherng Tay Plastics Co., Ltd."

offering hot melt adhesives, hot melt psa, waterproofing membrane, waterproofing glue, and primer.


produces paint and adhesives for parquet

"Colorado Steel Sash"

serving the glass and construction industry with sealants, adhesives, epoxys, backing rod, glazing supplies, caulking supplies, grinders, cleaners, lubricants, tools and accessories.

"Consolidated Edgings"

supplier of melamine timber veneer and PVC edging to the furniture kitchen and DIY market. Also surface foil and woodworking adhesive.

"Covert Company"

specializes in adhesive application systems, both hot melt and cold adhesive.

"Cox Sales Company"

sells structural adhesives, epoxy, sealers, contact cements, coatings, and glues.

"Crispin Adhesives Ltd."

supplies adhesives to industry.

"Custom-Pak Adhesives, Inc."

industrial wood adhesives and gluing equipment as well as custom packaging/filling and technical advice.


develops adhesives and glues for product assembly, automotive, electronics, and other industries

"Datco Inc."

manufactures hot-melt glue roll applicators and other application devices.

"Dongyang Hipol Corp."

PE protection tape, and special purpose adhesive tapes such as aluminum tape and silicone tape.


manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, and compounds. Site includes product and project ideas for homeowners, crafters, woodworkers, educators and kids.

"Excel Polyurethane Glue"

useful for woodworkers, furniture makers/restorers, boat builders, hobbyists and airplane/boat modelers.

"Four Pillars Enterprise, Co., Ltd."

manufacturer of adhesive tapes and label stocks.

"Gleicher Manufacturing Corp."

offers die-cutting & processing of pressure sensitive materials, hook & loop fasteners, protective bumpers, and specialty adhesive tapes.

"Gludan Group"

supplier of glue solutions to the paper processing industry.


manufacturers of adhesives and applicating equipment.

"Gruppo Saviola"

industrial conglomerate at the top of the wood processing and chemical industries .

"Heigl Adhesive Sales"

stocking distributor and custom packager for all types of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and potting compounds.

"Hernon Manufacturing, Inc."

manufacturer of adhesives and sealants.

"Holdtite Adhesives Ltd"

manufacturers of anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, uvcure and structural adhesives and sealants. Also makes speciality chemicals such as non-corrosive silicone and lubricants.

"Hot Melt Adhesives"

maker of EVA and polyethylene, hot melt adhesives and reinforcing strings and tape.

"Hychem International"

manufactures and distributes sealants and adhesives.

"IPN Industries"

develops, manufactures and markets adhesives, sealants and encapsulants for commercial, industrial and military use.

"ITW Plexus"

manufactures adhesives for structural bonding of most thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials; specialises in the transportation, marine, and engineering construction industries.

"Kaida Stationery Co."

produce and export glue sticks, lique glue, glue pen and other stationery, office supplies

"L&D Adhesives"

We are your single source supplier for all your adhesive and bonding needs.

"Liquid Nails"

construction adhesives.

"Loctite Corp"

worldwide supplier of proprietary high performance adhesives, sealants, coatings and specialty brand name chemicals.

"Lumber Products"

Wholesale distribution of the finest hardwood, hardwood plywood, and door and millwork products to the Northwest and Intermountain States since 1938.

"Lutz File & Tool"

featuring Gorilla Glue.


manufacturer of Depoxi Steel, a super strength adhesive and bonding fluid.

"Master Adhesives"

maker of waterbased and hot melt adhesives, industrial coatings, purge compounds and filling compounds for fibre optic cable.

"Materiaux Quebo Ltd."

serving the woodworking industry with materials and related tools.


self adhesive tapes and films.

"Ningbo Soken Chemicals Co., Ltd"

annually produces 2000 tons of adhesives.


sells industrial adhesives such as epoxies, hot melts, polyurethanes, methacrylates and cyanoacrylates; also sells adhesive dispensing systems.

"Orgavyl Chemical Industries Berhad"

manufacturing a variety of adhesives, sealants, epoxies, and caulks for industrial applications and do-it-yourself products.


development of water based cohesive and adhesive products.

"Pacer Technology"

manufactures a wide variety of adhesives and sealants for consumer, automotive, hobby and industrial applications.

"Parson International"

adhesives for repairs and maintainence.


speciality adhesives, caulks, and sealants. Offers product selection, and answers your FAQs regarding caulking, sealing and waterproofing.

"Remco Bolts"

manufactures foundation anchor bolts and threaded rods. Also sells other fasteners, adhesives, tools, and chemicals.

"Revertex Finewaters Sdn. Bhd."

manufactures industrial adhesives, including starch, dextrin, latex, casein, PVA, EVA, and hot melt.ç

"Scapa Tapes"

manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive products.

"Silicone Release Films Limited"

producer of silicone release coated films and related self adhesive products.

"Slocum Adhesives Corporation"

manufacturers of adhesives and primers, specialising in custom-compounded adhesives.


All purpose repair and filler. UV activated, it makes fast, strong repairs in wood, fibreglass, plastic, and metal.

"Sta''-Put, Incorporated"

maufacturer of adhesives systems.

"Star Technology, Inc."

custom formulator and manufacturer of epoxy, urethane, and acrylic adhesives and coatings for use in two part, single part and UV cured adhesives and coatings.

"Super-Tek Products, Inc."

adhesive formulating/manufacturing firm providing services to the construction industry.


manufactures structural adhesives, including cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, and acrylics.

"Teraoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd."

manufactures adhesive tapes for packing, electrical insulation, electronic equipment, and other home and industrial uses.

"Tex Year Industries Inc"

binding solution provider specialising in thermal binder & covers, laminators and pouches, super glue, hot melt glues and guns.

"TMI Adhesives"

features adhesives that delivers environmentally safe performance on pulp, paper, and architectural woodwork products.

"Topflight Corporation"

pressure sensitive adhesive products.


makers of sealers, structural adhesives, cellular rubber, foams, and thermoplastics.

"Universal Supply Co."

supplier of adhesive, mounting pads, threaded studs, rivets, double stick tapes, toggle switches and more.

"Versatile Industrial Products"

distributors of a variety of adhesives and other industrial products.

"Yenom Label Materials"

manufactures self-adhesive materials for commercial and industrial use.

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