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"A&T Forest Products"
Exporter / Remanufacturer of North American(Pacific Northwest) Products

"Acer Hardwood and Dimension Limited"

specializing in the export of all grades of northern Kiln Dried North American species hardwoods.

"Agiv Ltd."

exports hardwood and softwood sawlogs, unedged boards, and and sawn timber from Russia.

"Alan McIlvan Company"

Hardwood lumber, millwork and mouldings

"Aljoma Lumber Inc."

kiln-drying - treating plant - cut-to-size - remanufacturing

"All Pallets"

All Pallets Ltd is based in Newhaven, East Sussex, UK supplies companies throughout South East England is service & quality orientated.

"Allied Lumber"

Producers and exporters of various tropical hardwood lumber, including KD steamed Beech lumber from Italy/Germany

"Amena International, Inc."

consulting/managing offshore manufacturing, overseas distribution, and import/export for wood products and machinery manufacturers.

"American Lumber Co."

The lumber that sets the world's standard

"Arontec Inc."

manufacturing and exporting log homes worldwide.

"Bégin Lumber Ltd."

hardwood sawmill which ships products world-wide.

"Banner Supply"

exporters of building materials and supplies including lumber, steel studs, drywall, plaster, drywall tools and lath.


import and export of hardwoods: logs, veneers, timbers, lumber.


We are manufacturing and trading company working in wooden business.

"C&C Exchanges Center"

exporting red pine and larchwood logs to Japan, China, U.S.A. and other countries.

"California Cascade Industries"

carries a complete line of redwood and treated lumber, timbers, and speciality items.


from Lithuania, offers panels from a birch and pine.

"Carter Holt Harvey Ltd"

producers of pine timber and lumber.<li>

"Cobodex Lumber Inc."

We are constantly striving for the highest standards of quality. All lumber sold is graded by licensed inspectors.

"Costal Lumber"

We are committed to producing high quality Hardwood Lumber,White Pine,Lumber Southern Yellow Pine Lumber, Southern Yellow Pine Plywood, Treated Lumber, and Hardwood Wood Components products.

"Crestbrook Forest Industries"

Crestbrook produces northern bleached softwood kraft pulp for world markets, as well as lumber and value-added wood products for North American and Japanese markets.

"DB Hardwoods"

is manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of high quality European hardwoods

"Deepa Panels"

exporter of rubber wood for making furniture, toys, musical instruments, and more.

"Deer Park Lumber"

At Deer Park Lumber, we offer hardwood purchasers the finest Northern Appalachian hardwoods from which to choose

"DeNoon Lumber Company"

milling and exporting green and kiln dried hardwoods.

"Donau Furnier"

We deliver to the wood processing industry and dealers in Germany, Europe, USA, Asia and the rest of the world.

"EcoTimber International"

supplier of ecologically selected and harvested timber and veneers from around the world. Also offers custom millwork.

"Ellis Lumber"

From Ghana, to Brazil to the countries of Indochina, we market hardwood species to the wood industry across the globe.

"Erath Veneer Corporation"

producer of domestic and export veneers in a variety of species and qualities.

"Euroasiatic Alliance Ltd."

The basic business of Euroasiatic Alliance is the timber felling, the wood product manufacturing and the export of wood products.

"Eutaw Hardwood Dimension Co."

Eutaw Hardwood has been in operation since 1956. We are manufacturers of Hickory handle blanks for the striking tool industry and Hickory dowels for drumsticks.

"Exulon Inc."

drying and shipping hardwoods. In English and French.

"Fat Andy's Hardwoods"

stocking distributor of hardwoood flooring and lumber, and manufacturer of hardwood moldings

"FBP Timber: European hardwoods in logs and lumber"

Specialized in European hardwoods in logs and lumber such as white beech, steamed beech, oak, ash, cherry, sycamore; FBP exports its products in more than 30 countries .

"Focus Forest Products"

importer and exporter of tropical hardwood products from Indonesia and Malaysia.

"Foresbec Inc."

exporter of hardwood lumber and logs destined for veneer, dimensional production and special products.

"Forestry Tasmania"

Forestry Tasmania produces a large range of forest products that are sold to local industries and into the world export market for processing into various end products.

"G.H. Evarts & Co., Inc."

manufacturing and exporting hardwood lumber.


trading in timber and sheet material.

"George Kellet & Sons, Inc."

retail and wholesale distributor and exporter of forest products and building materials

"Ginnacle Import-Export Pte Ltd"

seller of Burmese teak lumber for boat and furniture manufacturing.

"Global Hardwood"

producers of fine Appalachian hardwood

"Global Panel Products"

Agents and Distributors of plywood and wood based panel products.

"Gruppo Losan"

manufactures and markets wood and timber related products, is one of the leading Europe companies in this sector whose scope also extends into the international market.

"HFI Hardwood Flooring Inc."

wood flooring wholesaler and exporter.


Hardwoods of Michigan Incorporated

"Horn Equatorial"

Horn Equatorial Ltd is a diversified trading company with investments in East and Central Africa.

"Hull Forest"

Hull Forest Products is a lumber manufacturing business and a forest land management service


suppliers of glulam beams and related construction products and fasteners.

"Hymics Holdings"

Importers and exporters of timber.Wooden pallets specialists.

"Industrial Hardwood"

wholesale lumber distributor selling both green and kiln-dried lumber in the Northeast and Midwest areas of the United States and the Toronto and Montreal areas in Canada.

"Intercom Wood Products Enterprises Group"

Lumber/Timber export

"INternational Trading and Service"

We are international trading and service company

"IPC Group"

manufacturers of Russian birch plywood and other wood products.

"J lalanne : timber, hardwood merchant, industry, (exotic, temperate, tropical) wood"

International supplier specializing in timber products (logs, lumbers, veneers and panels). Purchase and sale of hardwood from Africa, Europe, Asia and America.


Four generations of the Champeau family have worked diligently to perfect the art of crafting high quality hardwood products.

"Jones Lumber Company, Inc."

distribution of lumber, heavy timbers, panel products, fire retardant & pressure treated material.


Exporter and importer of all kinds of logs, sawn timber, plywoods and wood products.

"Kosucu Forestry"

a leading exporter of Beech Veneer Logs, Lumber and European Veneer Species. European Beech, Oak and Chestnut are our speciality products.

"Lafor Ltd"

Lafor ltd is a Romanian producer of quality hardwoods(beech wood, oak, ash,cherry, basswood and hornbeam) edge glued panels finger jointed and continous lamella.

"Landmark Building Products"

distributor of building products.

"Leggett & Platt Wood Products"

manufacturer and marketer of lumber and wood products from around the world.

"Lemire Lumber Co."

Export of forest products:North Eastern American Hardwood, Hardwood panels, Hardwood dimensionsand Waferboards.

"LHT Holdings"

we are a leader in our field, manufacturing high quality wooden pallets boxes and crates, flooring, furniture components and doors for both local and overseas markets

"Lolli S.r.l"

manufactures wood products, including cladding, paneling, and moulding.

"Lumber Products"

Wholesale distribution of the finest hardwood, hardwood plywood, and door and millwork products to the Northwest and Intermountain States since 1938.

"Maderas Manuel Villamor S.L."

milling and exporting a variety of woods.

"Maillochaud S.A."

manufacturer, exporter, and importer of sliced wood veneers.

"Mariba International"

international exporte hardwood and softwood lumber, veneers, flooring, and molding. in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

"MarKato MK"

MarKato MK is specialized in exporting from Estonia to worldwide foreign markets.

"Marketor International Corporation"

exporter of building materials, lumber, panel products, engineered wood and interior finish products.

"Materiaux Blanchet Inc"

rough, dressed, green and kiln dried lumber manufacturers and exporters.

"Meeker Lumber"

Lumber supplied by Meeker is band sawn to exact size with computer setworks and are very competitively priced.

"MGR Corporation"

engaged in logging and timber processing; exports sawn timber, plywood, moulded and processed timber products from Malaysia.

"Midwest Hardwood Corporation"

we supply all high grade hardwood lumber and value-added wood products for domestic and international shipments.

"Miller & Co."

Manufacturers Of Fine Cahaba Oak Floors Hardwood Lumber, Pallets, and S4S Lumber

"Missuori-Pacific lumber Co."

Missouri-Pacific Lumber Co. is a hardwood sawmill that specializes in steamed, kiln dried, furniture grade American black walnut lumber.

"MP Veneers"

manufacturer, supplier and exporter of wood and decorative sliced veneer.

"New England Door Corporation"

manufacturer and exporter of residential and industrial garage doors, focusing on the Northeast.

"Nicolet Hardwoods Corporation"

producer, wholesaler, retailer, and exporter of fresh cut and kiln dried lumber.

"North Pacific Lumber Co"

distributor of forest, agricultural, steel, and electronics products.

"Northland Forest Products, Inc."

processor, distributor, exporter of North American hardwoods and selected Eastern softwoods.

"O'Shea Lumber Company"

wholesaler of domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods.

"Oaks Unlimited"

kiln-dried production of Appalachian hardwood lumber.

"Oveseas Forest Products"

Act as a traditional Timber & Plywood Agency-Broker, working close with a wide network of Buyers and Importers Wholesalers all around Western Europe, Japan and with increasing sales in the Far East.

"Owens Forest Products"

wholesaler of hardwood lumber, veneers, and doors.

"Pioneer Forest Products Limited"

exporting agents operating on the global timber market.

"Piovano Segheria"

Welcome to the leading Italian packaging and material handling solutions provider

"Pollmeier Wood"

top-quality edge-glued panels and solid wood floors of beech manufacturers.

"Prestige Lumber Limited"

saw-millers and processors of exotic softwoods and hardwoods.

"Primewood Lumber"

specialise in cutting, sawing, drying, and exporting North American hardwood.

"Processed Forest Products"

specialise in all types of veneer laying and manufacture.

"PT Aria Adiguna Abadi"

We are suppliers and manufacturers of Tropical Sawntimber S2S, custom order S4S, mouldings, fingerjoints, laminating, parquets and solid doors.

"Putnam Lumber & Export Company"

exporting lumber and manufactured wood products from the southern US.


Import-Export woods

"Robbins Lumber Co."

Manufacturers of Quality Eastern White Pine Lumber, Robbins Lumber, Inc. of Searsmont, Maine offers its products through Wholesale Distributors worldwide.

"Rose Lake Sawmill"

I specialize in supplying high quality hardwoods, in hard to find sizes; for the mill-working industry, cabinet & furniture makers, canoe, paddle, & boat builders, craftspeople, and the trades.

"Russian Timber Agency"

Timber, Wood, Lumber from Russia. \n \nFlexibility, Efficiency, and Speedy Delivery. Russian Timber adapts to your requirements to offer you diversified products, custom-made, to match your needs. \n \nWe can satisfy all specific requests, whether relating to dimension, color, quantity, uniformity, or product composition.

"Russian Timber Agency Ltd."

Russian Timber Agency is an International Export Company located in Moscow, Russia. \n \nWe are traders and agents of softwoods in many different finishes and dimensions.

"Second Hand Building Centre"

offers second hand and recycled timber and building materials. Based in Sydney but selling

"Shannon Group"

one of the most the innovative suppliers of North American hardwood products.

"Sierra Pacific Industries"

harvesting and milling timber.

"Socomi Group"

The SOCOMI companies manufacture veneer, plywood, plywood specialties, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) for industrial applications, lumber, studs, chips and other products.

"Spanish Woodworking Industry. ExportMadera."

Timber and wood-based products available on the spanish market, presenting the best in doors, windows, frames, mouldings, plywood, boards, flooring, linings, veneers, stairs.

"Storey Lumber"

Hardwood Lumber Manufacturers Since 1958

"Structurlam Products"

Since 1962 has been producing premium quality glulam beams, supplying them to markets in North America, Japan, and Korea.

"Sung Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd."

producer, exporter, and supplier of plywood, parquet flooring, and particleboard.

"Syarikat Binaan Budi Sawmill"

Syarikat Binaan Budi Sawmill Berhad, or SBBS, is a leading exporter of sawn timber, mouldings and furniture as it is completely integrated from the logging to finished product stages.

"T & S Hardwoods, Inc."

milling Southern and Appalachian hardwood and cypress lumber.

"Teamwood Traders Ltd."

wholsale supplier and exporter of speciality lumber including softwoods, door and window components, flitches and veneers.

"Timber Sales and Forresters Pty (Ltd)"

exporter of several African hardwoods species from Mozambique in both log and sawn board form.

"Tolko Industries"

Tolko's vision is to be a leading marketer and manufacturer of specialty forest products.


We are a craftsmanship workshop which manufactures inlays using woods for the decoration of doors, pieces of furniture woodwork panels, chairs and all veneers on raw wood.

"TreeSource Industries, Inc."

sells softwood, dimension, stud and hardwood lumber from mills throughout the Pacific Northwest and Vermont


Uniforêt inc. is an integrated forest products company, producing softwood lumber, uncoated paper from mechanical pulp and bleached chemithermomechanical pulp.

"VanKeulen & Winchester Co."

Serving The World With Quality Michigan Hardwoods Since 1898

"Vasto Legno"

Vasto Legno S.p.A. is the only large Italian wood processing factory capable of producing from one manufacturing base rotary and sliced veneers as well as lumber and a full range of processed wood products.

"Vicwood Group"

The Group mainly produces and distributes processed wood products like plywood, veneer, sawn timber and round logs.

"Vinthy International (NZ) Ltd."

Exporting Radiata Pine and New Zealand Beech as raw logs, dimension lumber, or as door and window components.

"Weston Forest Corp."

wholesale exporter of hardwood and softwood lumber, MDF, panel boards, shelving, and other forest products.

"Winkler Wood Products"

Distributor of Hawaiian hardwoods specializing in multiple grades of Koa and stocking over 25 other native species

"Wood Brokers"

We are engaged in Domestic and Import/Export sales of wood flooring and lumber products.

"Wood Expo"

Exporting US lumber and wood products worldwide.

"Wood Flooring America"

offers flooring and equipment.

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