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"A & M Wood Specialty"
a wholesaler and retailer of hardwoods, veneers, plywood, and specialty stock.

"A@A Veneer Pro"

Manufacture of veneers. High quality - Low prices. Conatc for more details - wood_sales@mail.com

"AIDA Veneer Corporation"

selling veneer, veneer logs, sawlogs, and lumber.

"Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd. -"

manufactures lumber, veneer, plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) products for world markets.

"Alfano Legnameria"

Thanks to its experience and to the capability of the warehouse MICHELE ALFANOLEGNAMERIA ITALIANA Spa assures the continuity and the availability of all requested woods.

"Allegheny Veneer Company, Inc."

veneer logs and hardwood lumber merchants

"Amos-Hill Associates"

veneer paneling

"Angebault Frères"

manufacturer of slice hardwood veneers.


A constant search for new technological solutions in woodworking allows tradition and technology to grow and develop together.

"Appalachian Millwork and Lumber Company"

Supplier of hardwood lumber, architectural millwork, commercial casework, interior doors, stair systems, plywood, veneer, moulding, hardware, and woodworker's supplies.

"Atlantic Veneer"

Welcome to our site. Please take a look around to learn more about the most reliable supplier of North American veneer in the world.


Arauco is one of the world's largest forestry enterprises in terms of plantation size, production of market kraft woodpulp, and lumber processing.

"B&B Rare Veneers"

Specializing in unique, and rare wood veneers


America's premier hardwood lumber company.

"Besse Forest Products Group"

Besse Forest Products Group provides hardwood sliced and rotary veneers from 6 mills in 4 states. We also manufacture specialty cut-to-size plywood.


We have large inventories which include veneers of varius species.We can also offer you hardwood lumber in different thickness.

"Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products"

offers information on I-Joists, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), BCI, I-Beams, rafters, trusses and Versa Lam.


import and export of hardwoods: logs, veneers, timbers, lumber.

"Bradford Forest Products, Inc."

hardwood manufacturing facilities for timber, veneer logs, green and kiln dried lumber and dimension products.

"Bristol Valley Hardwoods"

offers hardwood lumber, flooring, molding, veneer, plywood, and supplies.

"Brookside Veneers Ltd."

manufactures matched grain, color consistent veneers used in furniture, commercial and residential applications.

"Bumex Ltd"

The major products are:all-birch plywood, plywood flanges of various diameters, curved furniture parts and by-products: chip, birch cores and other articles.

"Cadillac Forest Products Inc."

As a mid-sized sawmill, we are able to focus on more personal attention to detail, providing our customers with a very high quality product.

"CB Veneers"

offers decorative, thick, burr, and inlays.


is a leader in a retail program of pre-glued edgebanding rolls and veneer sheets with continuing research and development leading to the introduction of new products on a regular basis to serve the woodworking industries.

"China Wood"

manufacturer of various wood and wooden products. Sales agent of CaiHe Forest Bureau of Heilongjiang Province of China in cooperation with manufacturers in the Northeast.

"CHP Holzprodukte Handels GmbH"

Logs, lumber, hardwoods, veneer, softwoods, beech, oak and maple trader.

"Cieffe Snc"

woodworking company

"Columbia Forest Products"

Columbia Forest Products is North America's largest manufacturer of hardwood veneer, hardwood plywood and laminated products.

"Commonwealth Plywood"

Commonwealth Plywood is a leader in the manufacture of Hardwood veneer and lumber, Hardwood plywood and White pine lumber.

"Consolidated Edgings"

supplier of melamine timber veneer and PVC edging to the furniture kitchen and DIY market. Also surface foil and woodworking adhesive.

"D F Richards (Veneers) Ltd."

producing commercial face veneers.


Distributors of fine quality veneers to the door, furniture and panel trades


Logging and lumber corporation

"Danzer Furnierwerke GmbH"

veneer manufacturer

"David R.Webb Co."

we are a member of the Danzer Group, a world leader in veneer and lumber products.

"DB Hardwoods"

is manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of high quality European hardwoods

"Deer Park Lumber"

At Deer Park Lumber, we offer hardwood purchasers the finest Northern Appalachian hardwoods from which to choose


Domtar Inc. is Canada's largest producer of specialty and fine papers and is ranked seventh in North America and the second largest producer of forest products in Eastern Canada

"Donau Furnier"

We deliver to the wood processing industry and dealers in Germany, Europe, USA, Asia and the rest of the world.

"EcoTimber International"

supplier of ecologically selected and harvested timber and veneers from around the world. Also offers custom millwork.


is one of the most important veneer producers in Europe.

"Erath Veneer Corporation"

producer of domestic and export veneers in a variety of species and qualities.

"Eric Miller Carpet Services"

specialising in carpets, vinyl, wood floors, laminates, and veneers.

"F.W. Barth and Co. GmbH"

timber agency offers veneers, hardwoods, softwoods, plywoods, and flooring.

"Fanerami AB"

manufactures specialised veneer products such as wooden tambour doors for the furniture industry.

"Flexible Materials Inc"

produces wood veneer sheets.

"Florida Plywoods Inc."

For over 40 years, FLORIDA PLYWOODS, INC. has manufactured specialized components

"Forestry Tasmania"

Forestry Tasmania produces a large range of forest products that are sold to local industries and into the world export market for processing into various end products.

"Form Wood"

FormWood Industries is a North American manufacturer of custom veneer faces, flexible veneer, NBL wood-on-wood laminates, architectural veneer plywood, and edgebanding.

"Fratelli Oste"

semi-finished wood trading


Veneer and Lumber

"Furnir JSC"

producing panel parquets, wooden stairs, veeners and other wood products from ash, beech, and Slavonian oak

"General Woods And Veneers Ltd."

producer of lumber, veneeers, and other hardwood products.

"Germain Lumber Co."

lumber, timber, cross ties, poles, piling, car decking, treating services, all wood species.

"Gilbert Veneer Sales Inc"

Gilbert Veneer Sales, Inc. performs custom veneer cutting according to your specifications. We will take care of the log procurement, cutting, and manufacturing of your final product on a timely basis


Company specialized in the production of component parts for furniture. Main products: solid wood and veneered centre panels and doors

"Gruppo Losan"

manufactures and markets wood and timber related products, is one of the leading Europe companies in this sector whose scope also extends into the international market.

"H.Y. International"

specializes in the global supply and distribution of logs, lumber, and veneer.

"Hardwood International"

offers woods, marine plywood, veneers, and tools.

"Hardwood Store, The"

stocking domestic and exotic hardwoods, plywood, veneer, and woodworking supplies.


We offer sawn timber, plywood and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) at the primary level At the secondary level our range includes pre-cut building components, industrial products and furniture, among others.

"Hill Wood Products"

manufacturers of wood dowels,wood-joining biscuits, slats, and dimension lumber.

"Hook Hardwoods LLC"

brokers of domestic and exotic logs and veneers.

"Hunt Forest Products"

We manufacture and sell Southern Yellow Pine plywood, veneer, lumber and hardwood lumber.

"Idaho Veneer"

We're proud of Idaho Veneer Company's history in the forest products industry and we intend to be a part of the industry for many years to come!

"Industria de Compensados Triangulo Ltda."

producing plywood, veneeer, flooring, paneling, and sawn timber. In English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

"International Plywood Ltd"

importer of all sheet materials. Offering deals on MDF, OSB, hardboard, blockboard, and more.

"International Veneer Co. USA"

IVC-USA is the majority owner of two modern veneer mills producing high quality hardwood veneer

"International Veneer Company Inc."

Whether you are looking for exotic veneer, domestic veneers or roundlogs, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will strive to provide you with the material desired.


Veneered boards. Veneered chipboards. veneered M.D.F veneered plywood


Our Company is working in the first wood manufacturing sector, in particular we produce plywood and chipboard, both in normal and in fire-resistant versions".

"Iowa Hardwoods Inc."

Our FORESTRY DIVISION is very well established in the northern mid-west region. With our team of company foresters and loggers we have built an outstanding reputation which allows us a plentiful supply of raw materials each season.

"J. Lalanne"

International supplier specializing in timber products (logs, lumbers, veneers and panels). Specialist in the trade of tropical and temperate hardwood (Africa, Europe and America), cut, rotary cut or sliced veneer timber. Product data sheets for various types of species and quotations.


Janson veneers offers a large diversity of different veneers.Our specials are fancy species, all kinds of burls from Europe, Afrika, America, Asia, Australia.

"Javor Pivka d.d."

wood processing for plywood, curved elements, and pallets

"Joubert Group"

Manufacturing Okoumé plywood is our job and we are very pleased to join your growth

"JSO Wood Products"

wood veneer products, including edgebanding and jet-ply aircraft veneer.

"Keystone Veneers, Inc."

producer of sliced hardwood veneer.


a complete factory operating in the wood industry

"Kosucu Forestry"

a leading exporter of Beech Veneer Logs, Lumber and European Veneer Species. European Beech, Oak and Chestnut are our speciality products.

"Kretz Lumber Co."

produces vigorous forests of Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Ash, Basswood, Birch, Cherry, and Oak. Kretz Lumber Co., Inc. uses these species to produce green & kiln dried lumber, veneer, and wood components

"Lo Brothers & Associates"

In business since 1979 serving the pacific rim specialty woods logs, lumber, dimension wholly owned and operated products available

"Maillochaud S.A."

manufacturer, exporter, and importer of sliced wood veneers.

"Maine Coast Lumber"

provider of hardwood, marine plywood, lumber, millwork, and flooring.


Okume plywood, fire resistant boards, slip resistant boards, decorative veneered boards

"Mariba International"

international exporte hardwood and softwood lumber, veneers, flooring, and molding. in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

"Materiaux Quebo Ltd."

serving the woodworking industry with materials and related tools.

"McGinnis & Associates"

supplier of both domestic and exotic veneer.

"Medply Inc."

plywood manufacturing

"Midway Lumber Mills Ltd."

Manufactuers of quality hardwood and softwood lumber

"Monaghan Lumber"

wholesale and retail hardwood and softwood lumber and wood products.


producer of plywood veneers, and parficle board

"MP Veneers"

manufacturer, supplier and exporter of wood and decorative sliced veneer.

"Overlack Veneers Ltd."

decorative veneers from Europe, Africa and North America.

"Owens Forest Products"

wholesaler of hardwood lumber, veneers, and doors.

"P.J.White Hardwood Ltd."

Wholesale/ Retail Hardwood/ Softwood Lumber, plwood, veneer, Arborite Laminate


one of the biggest manufacturers of polished and laminated chipboards in Russia

"Processed Forest Products"

specialise in all types of veneer laying and manufacture.

"Quality Plywood Specialties, Inc."

supplier of plywood and wood products for the cabinet and furniture industry.

"Quality Woodwork & Supply, Inc."

stocks a wide variety of hardwood lumber and woodwork supplies.

"Rare Earth Hardwoods"

importers and manufacturers of hardwood flooring, offering custom millwork, hardwood lumber, marine plywoods, and exterior decking.


Import-Export woods

"Red Rock Enterprises"

Supplier of Veneer logs to the Veneer industry.Supplier of Lumber to furniture manufacturers, Blocking lumber supplier to steel mills and Crib lumber supplier to coal mines.

"Reimer Hardwoods Ltd"

wholesaler of hardwood lumber, plywoods, veneers, and dowels.

"Ridgewood Forest Products"

Ridgewood Forest Products is an added value wholesale wood products company.


the Schlautmann has dedicated himself to the task of turning the material that nature supplies into veneers of highest quality

"Schorn & Groh"

Our product range includes more than 100 species of wood.

"Select Wood and Veneers"

Adapted to the needs of each Client, veneers, lumber or logs are carefully prepared for steady grades, shipped on time.

"SierraPine Ltd."

SierraPine is the third largest composite panel producer in North America.


offers customized logs and veneers in a variety of woods.

"Socomi Group"

The SOCOMI companies manufacture veneer, plywood, plywood specialties, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) for industrial applications, lumber, studs, chips and other products.

"South American Woods"

South American Woods is your direct source for high grade hardwood products for the manufacture of stock plywood panels, architectural panels and furniture parts. We specialize in sliced and rotary hardwood veneer.

"South London Hardwoods"

stockist of a range of quality hardwoods, veneered boards, MDF, and woodworking accessories.

"Southern Lumber Sales"

Producers, Wholesalers, and Importers,of Lumber, Plywood,Timbers, Cross Ties, Decking, Millwork and Flooring.

"Specialty Finishing Services"

offers hard coated domestic and exotic veneers.


The products offered by TABU include natural veneers of all wood species, wood borders, floor boards and decking in various species, colours and conformation.


rotary cut veneer

"The Freeman Corporation"

one of the world's finest manufacturers and sellers of wood veneer.

"Timber Products Company"

milling hardwood lumber and veneers.

"Tirupati Plywood Industries"

manufacturers of plywood, blockboards, decorative ply, and more.

"Tolko Industries"

Tolko's vision is to be a leading marketer and manufacturer of specialty forest products.

"Trus Joist"

leadng the world's engeneered lumber market with innovative products, systems and services.

"UltraWood Products"

offers flitches and veneer faces and architectural hardwood plywood for the store fixture, furniture, millwork, cabinet, yachting, aircraft, dashboard, and architectural design industries.

"United Veneers"

exporter and manufacturer of decorative veneers, rosewood, and plywoods.

"Vasto Legno"

Vasto Legno S.p.A. is the only large Italian wood processing factory capable of producing from one manufacturing base rotary and sliced veneers as well as lumber and a full range of processed wood products.

"Veneer Tech"

Welcome to the world of VeneerTech.Where art and busness work hand in hand to provide the finest wood veneer products in a timely and cost effective manner.

"Vicwood Group"

The Group mainly produces and distributes processed wood products like plywood, veneer, sawn timber and round logs.

"Vikwood Ltd."

supplies exotic woods to the musical instrument industry.

"West Wind Hardwood Inc."

supplier of hardwoods, exotics, softwoods, boat lumber, veneer and marine plywood located in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada

"White Brothers Hardwood Lumber Company"

offers hardwoods, veneers, and stock and custom architectural moulding and millwork.

"Willard Brothers Woodcutters"

Offering rare exotic woods from around the world and a variety of domestic hardwood lumber

"Wood Veneers Company"

distributor of wood veneers and hardwood lumber.

"Wood-Ply Lumber Corp."

offers a wide variety of hardwoods, veneers, and turning blocks.

"Zaklad Produkcji Drzewnej"


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